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Special Offerings for Education

Leading-edge educators have long recognized the value of Diigo to education, and we are very happy to support their effort.

There are two special education offerings:

  • Free Teacher/Student Account: The teacher account option offers teachers greater capabilities than the normal free plan. Most importantly, it provides a Teacher Console, where the teacher can create and manage student accounts, with student email addresses being optional). You can apply for this account option here, after you have signed up. The student account option provides a greater privacy for the user, and is created by a Teacher account.

  • Diigo Education Domain: This offering is for school IT administrators who have the authority over their school domain apps implementation and are planning to roll out Diigo to the entire school. Once approved, all new users with your school email domain who signed up at Diigo will be automatically set as student accounts. Teachers / staff in your school can further upgrade their accounts to teacher accounts with a school master educator upgrade code. Apply for this offering here.

What educators are saying about Diigo:

“Truly a unique and transformative tool ~ Diigo has the potential to change the ways in which we mentor all our students”

“Diigo fosters discussion and encourages active, critical reading .. the most efficient way I have discovered to share content and commentary.”

“Diigo Groups are a phenomenal tool for building, maintaining, and contributing to a professional learning network as they tap into the collective intelligence of the network by allowing many users to share resources and annotations with the group.”

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Note: all resources above are written and compiled by educators. Big thanks to the authors!